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Your Communications (and You) Deserve Nothing Less Than the Best.
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Industry insiders can easily detect writing that does not follow industry standards for excellence. Such writing can be viewed as unpolished and unprofessional. 
While we implement our own house style of writing for communications at, we also understand and implement industry standards of excellence for writing for our clients. This includes use of and knowledge about AP Style  a standard for writing taught by the nation's most esteemed journalism schools and implemented in today's leading (and most longest-lived) publications.
Mia Katz is the founder and creator of and she serves as its word and web design wizard. She is a creative, resourceful editor, writer and  layout artist/illustrator with more than 10 years experience in print and web publishing. Besides working several years as the managing editor of a national, award-winning magazine, she is the author of dozens of magazine and newsletter articles. She has written about a wide variety of topics and she has interviewed celebrities, political figures and some of today's leading visionaries and corporate leaders.
Mia has also been responsible for creating and implementing social media campaigns and editing, writing and managing numerous additional publications, marketing projects and websites. In addition, she has strategized, conceptualized and contributed to a variety of prize-winning public relations and other promotional campaigns. 

A strategic thinker and strong team player, Mia has dynamic, profit-generating ideas and a keen interest in consumer trends, product development, service enhancement and web marketing.

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